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    The Name PAGANINI is linked the a tradition of more than 60 years in the branch of production of metallic screens and manual sieves for the farming, building site and mine. That activity had beginning since the founders, Italian immigrants' children, that left the farming in Itatiba, São Paulo, where their parents had immigrated, come from the North of Italy, the siblings Faustino and Almerindo Paganini led off their own business, about 1940. Starting from 1943, there was another brother's entrance, Florindo Paganini in the society, and ever since the name PAGANINI was firm in that branch, and we can be proud today of being the oldest and traditional name in the market of metallic screens, wires, sieves and woven synthetic of Brasil.  
    In the beginning, that industry was devoted exclusively to the production and installation of "oblong" screens for residential stuccos, and chins link fences, even about 1948, when felt the beginning of the production of sieves. In 1949/50, the first loom of France was mattered, for production of fabrics in iron galvanized for assembly of manual sieves. Since then, the company began a phase of great development and the industry imported one more machine from Germany. To leave of that loom, the company began to produce their own machines, as much shuttle looms as machines for chain link fences. About 1959/60, the company settled down in São Paulo, and during that phase it constituted several subsidiaries as factory of shoes, movies, factory of tiles, pen-inkwell factory, rubber factory, soap factory, investments in the real estate section, and too they were also acquired the first machines for weaving of hexagonal screens for aviaries in general and pig yards. In the seventies several sections of the group were disabled for if they turn unproductive or uneconomical and there was also the death of the partners founders, and the new generation, with
Dercio leading, started to administer the industry.



  In 1972 was incorporate to the group, a new industry, a factory of screens type "deploye" (of expanded metal) for stuccos and lining, and that industry also produced cranks for wells. In 1974 it was bought a land in the  Monte Belo, Itaquaquecetuba, São Paulo, and built the new factory, in wide space, because the new directors already foresaw a great development of the section. Starting from 1999 the whole industrial section was transferred completely of São Paulo for Itaquaquecetuba, being in the old just addresses the office of sales, a closed deposit and the traditional section of sales in retail.  

    The industries PAGANINI, today produce a great variety of metallic screens, monofilaments of PE (polyethylene) of high density, woven synthetic for mosquito nets and to front of buildings in construction and any types of manual sieves for farming, domestic use, mining, prospect and building site. Now the performance the of the industry, is made by the third generation of the name PAGANINI, in other words, Maurício, mechanical engineer. The industries PAGANINI today are perfectly capable and technically qualified to produce any types of sieves, screens metallic or synthetic, as well as they possess enough technology for construction of shuttle looms and machines for hexagonal screens, as well as all the devices for assembly of sieves and manipulation of pine wood. Our products are found in all of the states of Brazil, besides, we already made several exports of manual sieves, special for mine, and metal screens expanded for several countries of South America, besides to the United States of America. In the following pages our products can be seen, with description and data technicians of the same ones. Hoping our information have been of your pleasure, at once we thanked for your visit our page and the attention that it was released us, and we put ourselves to your completes disposition for larger explanations or information our respect and regarding our products. 

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