Those screens are woven in ráfia (in the widths of 2m or 4m) or monofilaments (in the widths of 1,50m or 3m), especially for agricultural shading, and they can promote shades since 30% to 90%, depending from the culture type to be protected.

         Inside of their resistance limits they can protect also against light hails or rains, that a lot of times can destroy the farming entirely causing great damages to the planter.

In the agricultural, those woven they are also very used for shading corrals for cattle, in places where few natural shades exist. In the treatment of the coffee it is also used those woven for the process of dry of the grain because with them it is gotten a temperature and evaporation practically constant during the whole day.

    So much the own screens for shade, as the screens for mosquito net can be used easily for frog-tanks construction, tank-net, traps for fish, farms of creation of shrimps and of oysters.

            The screens for shading are presented in several colors, and those parameters will depend on the use type and intensity of necessary shade.


A) it doesn't allow that: 
Hail, birds, acaroids, sun excess, wind excess, predators, etc., harm your work, causing damages to your production or creation.

B) 18% - Anti-hail / Anti-birds 
It protects and gives safety against damages caused by the hail and birds, hindering destructive actions. 

C) Frog farming / Fish farming 
Plastic screens used in greenhouses in general, tanks net for tadpole in any aquatic atmospheres. It protects against the action of predators and it impedes escapes. Practices and resistant, they close any sizes of areas. It is for internal/external use and coverings. 

D) Greenhouses and Nurseries of Plants 
Screens that provide protection and appropriate condition for the storage of seedlings and seeds, inhibiting the direct action of the sun (the overshadow level can vary from 18% to 80%) 

E) Hydroponics - Optimizes the productivity and quality in the cultivation of lettuces and vegetables. 

F) 80% - Cattle 
Screens that protect your cattle against the excess of heat, rains and winds, increasing the health of the animal and propitiating like this a great increase in its productivity.

G) Fanlight 
Screens that, in an efficient way, can reduce the destructive action that the strong winds can cause on the cultures.

H) Anti-aphids / Citric farming 
They protect your sowing against the action of the acaroids, white flies, greenflies and insects in general. Screens used for seeds of citric, potatoes, tomatoes and flowers in general.