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          The hoses in PVC are especially suitable for gardening and domestic use, being also used in condominiums and industries in the wash processes and cleaning of floors and walls. Those hoses are usually presented in groups that count adapter for faucets of 1/2"e 3/4 ", and beak of regular jet.

            Those hoses of high quality and lower price, they plows supplied with internal diameter of 1/2 " and wall of 1,7mm, and also with internal diameter of 7/16 " and wall of 2mm, what guarantees them great resistance, and low bends possibility. The kits of hoses mounted, they are usually offered in the lengths of 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m and 50m.

            Under order we will also be able to supply hoses with internal diameter of 5/8 " and wall of 2,5mm, with beak type to revolve in zamac or PVC, in rolls of 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m e 50m.




The hoses for shower are manufactured in white PVC, with special aditive for specific use. Internal diameter of 5/16" and wall from 1 to 1,3 mm.

The hoses for gas PLG normalized by the diameter they are suitable for plugs of 13 kg  Internal diameter. 10mm wall 4mm


The hoses done with transparent PVC (also called hoses in natural crystal), they are suitable for a great variety of conduction of fluids, except for nutritious products.

Their largest application in the building site is the use as level hose, due your discharge transparency and flexibility. Internal diameter:  1/8 " to 2 " - 0,8mm wall to 4,00mm      

Under order we will also be able to supply hoses with internal diameter of 5/8" and wall of 2,5mm, with revolve beak type in zamac or PVC, in rolls of 15; 25 and 50m. 

Flexible plastic tube, measures with internal diameter of 1/8” to 2”, resistant to the atmospheric agents and most of the chemical products. 
Used in the transport of liquids, general use, except for the nutritious area 
building site, used as level hose, for glaziers, used for fixation of glasses, in frames of 
aluminum in partitions of offices 

Used in the gardening, surface irrigation, building site, general use. 

Domestic uses, the white-milk is used in showers, and filters of water.