They are woven generally done with metallic threads of galvanized iron even so they can also be woven in stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum, or with galvanized and plastic coated galvanized wire. They are high resistance screens, because they are usually manufactured with wire from 12 BWG (2,7 mm) to 10 BWG (3,1 mm), even so they can also be woven with threads from the gauge 16 BWG (1,6 mm) up to 8 (4,7 mm), with several meshes (SQUARE OR LOZANGULARES) openings from 1/2 " up to 5 ". The most common screen for fences of sporting blocks, lands, industries, condominiums etc. it is that of mesh 2 " with wire n.º 12 BWG (2,7 mm)

     FENCES FOR INDUSTRIALS                                          FENCES for RESIDENCIES 

Those screens are usually made under indent, and our machines can produce them with up to 6m of height in variable length rolls, but they are usually produced with 20 or 25 meters.

In the areas with a lot of humidity, or in littoral areas, the screen of galvanized and reverted with PVC wire is recommended that will have a larger durability due to its double anti-corrosive protection

These netting’s are made under order and our machines can make it till 6m width, and the rolls have 20m or 25m length

At high moistness environment or beach-shore environment, we advice to use the plastic coated galvanized wire netting’s because they have double protection and so their duration will be so long.

The chain-link fences are very much used in:

-         Fences for houses, edifices, ranches and farms

-         boundary fences for sports yards

-         football and soccer yards

-         chicken yards, kennel’s, zoo gardens etc.